• Custom Business Embroidery


Custom Made Garment Embroidery for your Business

Needle and thread embroidery is one of the special techniques recommended and used for uniform branding.

Embroidery machinery is computer programmed, quick, practical and produces a superior finish that’s long lasting. Embroidery will often outlast the garment.

Embroidery provides a unique look and can be done on a large range of clothing and products including towels, bags, and hats.

How it Works – Custom Embroidery Services

We will work closely with you to match your logo with the right clothing and branding solution.

We reproduce your logo by ‘digitising’ it, which involves arranging the design so our embroidery software program recognises it and can use different coloured threads to stitch the design onto the garments.

Our custom embroidery services are performed in-house by staff who are specialists in taking a brand from concept through the design process to the finished product.

Things to Remember

• Best choice for small to medium orders of business shirts, work polos, jackets and headwear.

• A high-quality file of your logo/artwork (JPG, BMP, PDF, etc) is required to digitise it properly.

• Set up cost is required and may be more expensive for small orders, and is not ideal for large designs.

• Embroidery is not suitable for designs with fine details and many colours.

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